Where does a decade of college across two states resulting in four degrees lead? A public library career with hobbies of board game design and genealogy.

It took me a few years to find my way to libraryland. Once I was hired at a public library in Ohio, I learned about digitizing and local history collections. This inspired a career choice that I still an searching for, but have prepared for along the years since this initial event. It was largely inspired by my own frustrations with living away from where I grew up, and where my family has been for generations. Needing to travel home to visit a historical society that is only open one day a week during the summer is not feasible for me, so I wanted to take the collections we have and bring them to the public online for those who might be in a similar position as I am.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve tried my hand at designing board games. I had a few ideas that never developed into anything, but I found one idea that became Astroventure. This game has been shown at conventions and has gone through several iterations. It is currently going through a large overhaul to hopefully bring it one step closer to publication. There are also a couple of other smaller games in the works as well at this time.

One way I’ve attempted to blend my library and game design work is the introduction of a board game collection at the library I work at. Since the collection launched in 2015, it has been a notable success and continues to improve over time. In the future I hope to expand it with programming based on playing and designing games alike.