Gaming Related Making

Aside from designing games, I also design inserts and boxes for other games. Below you can find a collection of the things I’ve designed and links to download one to make yourself.

Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn Laser Cut Insert

Ashes is one of my favorite card games and after they relaunched the series, I wanted a better way to store and organize all the different decks I’ve acquired. I designed this insert for 3 mm plywood to be laser cut. It features room for 18 decks, two dice trays, a tray for tokens, and a tray to hold all the dice in the game. Files are available on

I’ve made a smaller version for just the smaller expansion boxes to store six more decks. That can be found at this link.

Queendomino 3D Printed Insert

To save shelf space, I designed an insert to consolidate Kingdomino, the Age of Giants expansion, and Queendomino all into the Queendomino box. It’s a tight squeeze but it all fits. I did have to exclude the tower from Age of Giants but I’m not personally concerned about that. Files are available on

Note, if printing this, there’s a 5mm gap in the design where things may fall loose. I solved this by cutting a sheet of foam core to fit into the bottom of the box. There’s also an extra 20 mm gap under the pawn tray to get them to sit flush with the top which can be solved with more foam core.

Railroad Ink Extras 3D Printed Box

I missed out on the Kickstarter that included a storage box for all these random dice and cards. I’ve been picking them up here and there second hand or through game stores, but I don’t have a good storage option for them. So I made a box to store them all together. There’s room for all the released dice sets, plus a little extra space for something else. Fits the epic boards and all instructions in a box roughly the same size as the game box to look cleanly on the game shelf. Files are available on

There’s two lid options in the design, one with the logo and one without.

Love Letter (2019) 3D Printed Box

I didn’t like that the bag for Love Letter doesn’t conveniently fit into my game shelf with all the other boxes. So I made one. This is for the 2019 version with discs for scoring rather than the earlier one with cubes. Files are available on