In the past I’ve given a few presentations at conferences on board games. Below are the slides and handouts for the various presentations I’ve given in the past. The most recent presentations are listed at the top.

So You Spit in a Tube: An introduction to genetic genealogy was given at the 2018 Ohio Library Council Convention and Expo in October 2018. Slides and notes are found here, along with a resources and comparison handout.

Rolling with the times: adding board games to your library was given at the Northeast, Southwest, and Northwest Chapter Conferences for the Ohio Library Council in the spring of 2017. This is a refinement of “But Won’t the Pieces Get Lost” that includes another year of perspective in operating a collection of this type. Clicking the imaged above will take you to the slideshow with the notes on the right side and the handout for the presentation are available here.

Planning Your Career with OLC’s Core Competencies was given at the Northeast Chapter Conference of the Ohio Library Council in spring 2017. This short presentation was given on behalf of the Library Education Committee (now the Professional Development Committee of the OLC.

But Won’t the Pieces Get Lost: Adding a Board Game Collection to your Library was given at the Northeast and Central Chapter Conferences for the Ohio Library Council in early 2016.