Below is a list of presentations I’ve given at various conferences and the slides for each. If you have any questions about any of these topics, please feel free to contact me.

The Benefits of Board Games

At the OLC Convention and Expo 2021 I returned with an updated version of my board game presentation. This discusses some recommended games. Admittedly the slides are not as helpful as they are intended mostly as a mental note for me.

A title slide showing four board game pawns with the title "The Benefits of Board Games" in front.
A slide cover image for a presentation on genetic genealogy. It shows a double helix carved into stone with the words "So You've Spit in a Tube."

So You Spit in a Tube

This was an introductory presentation about genetic genealogy. I presented this at the 2018 Ohio Library Council Convention and Expo. I gave this talk a separate time at a public library the next spring.

Rolling With the Times

In the spring of 2017, I presented this version of my board games in libraries presentation at the Northeast, Southwest, and Northwest Chapter Conferences for the Ohio Library Council. It was a refinement of my earlier “But Won’t The Pieces Get Lost?” presentation with another year of perspective.

Planning Your Career with OLC’s Core Competencies

This presentation was given at the OLC Northeast Chapter Conference in 2017 on behalf of the now Professional Development Committee.