One thing I firmly believe in as a librarian is the value of information. I know that when researching new topics for programs I often look to what others have done to get ideas. I wanted to give back. Here you’ll find handouts, slide shows, and YouTube video for programs I’ve done in the past. Feel free to use anything here. Just be sure to let me know you’re using it. Also let me know if you have any questions about any of the following programs.

A note about PowerPoints. I usually don’t write notes for mine, and often just use pictures to illustrate my point while I talk. I’m working to get my actual notes into the notes field of these for you to reference as you plan and present your own versions of these, but you may not find them yet. If there’s a particular program you want to see my notes for, feel free to reach out and I’ll prioritize updating that one.

Computer Programs

Computer Basics (Handout) – Covers Windows 10 basics and the basics of how to use a computer. Very introductory.

Internet Basics (Handout) – Looks at browsers, basic internet safety, using Google and email, and some popular websites.

Intro to macOS (Informational Guide) – This was a long form handout for a patron who needed help getting acquainted and adjusted to a new Macbook. Not intended for regular usage in a library program. More intended for one on one sessions.

Microsoft Excel Basics (Handout) – Covers the ribbon, how to maneuver a worksheet, and basic formulas.

Advanced Microsoft Excel (Handout) – Covers pivot tables, conditional formatting, and additional formulas.

Microsoft PowerPoint (Handout) – Covers how to change the design of slides, the ribbon, transitions and animations, how how to present.

Microsoft Word (Handout) – Covers the ribbon, how to format a page, and keyboard tips.

Technology Programs

Cutting Out Cable (Handout) (PowerPoint) (Videos: Short Version and Long Version) – Looks at free and paid options for how to save money on your cable bill while staying up to date on entertainment.

Defend Your Privacy Online (Handout) (PowerPoint) – Covers tools, techniques, and tips for protecting privacy and information while using the internet.

How to Spot Fake News (PowerPoint) – Looks at a few ways to evaluate information for truthfulness and bias.

Streaming Entertainment from DCDL (Handout) (PowerPoint) – Gives and overview of our digital collections of OverDrive, Hoopla, rbDigital, and Kanopy.

Maker Programs

We teach weekly programs at our makerspace covering a wide variety of topics relating to 3D printing, laser cutting, vinyl cutting, wide format printers, embroidery, and other equipment. There are too many varied programs to list by title. For any further information on these please reach out. Below I’m listing a few programs that have a video or handout.

3D Printing for Accessibility (PowerPoint) A presentation on how 3D printing can be used to help those with accessibility needs.

Basics of Tinkercad (Handout) (Video) – Covers the basics of how to use the Tinkercad website for creating 3D objects intended for 3D printing.

Vector Design Basics (for laser cutting and vinyl cutting) (Handout) (Video) – Looks at the ways to create vector images using Affinity Designer. Adaptable handout to a program aimed at laser or vinyl cutting.